A Naval Architects & Marine Engineers Company in Valencia  (Spain)

Naval Architecture  & Marine Engineering Professional Services in Valencia (Spain)

Our Company



VALENCIA Marine Services SLU, a Valencian company founded in January 2019, with the aim of providing naval engineering and technical consulting services to companies in the maritime and nautical sectors.

Our strong point, our versatility, one day we are at anchor aboard a 190-meter-long chemical tanker taking measures for the installation of a ballast plant and the next day we go to a dry dock to verify the medicated, calculate the freeboard and the tonnage of a 27-meter sailing yacht.

Size doesn't matter, what matters is the degree of involvement with our clients and our passion for what we do.


What do we do?

Advice & Consultancy 

  1. Technical-economic feasibility studies.

  2. Supervision and control of documentation.

  3. Collaboration with project management.

  4. Valuations of ships and boats

Design, Supervision & Management

  1. Flag projects.

  2. Towing studies.

  3. Naval architecture studies.

  4. Basic engineering.

  5. Electric propulsion projects for pleasure vessels.

Fleet Management Support

  1. Marine Inspection and Surveys.
  2. Draft Surveys.
  3. Bunker Surveys.
  4. Stowage plans.
  5. Loss & Adjusters.


Our mission


Provide high quality marine services within the Valencian Community.